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About Us

The birth of PSTherapy

Pang Siew had been practising energy healing for over 15 years. He first practised under a Qi Gong master, Master Liu, where he learnt techniques and knowledge of how to influence a person's physical body without touch. In 2007, he began his journey of Pranic Healing, a system founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS). Inspired by the positive outcomes of energy healing, he organised numerous free healing sessions to thousands of community folks since 2007. His knowledge and expertise were recognised and he had been invited to teach in Singapore, China, Macau, and Korea.


In 2016, he was introduced to Timewaver, a German Quantum device, which drew a clear link between the etheric body and modern science - information field medicine. He later attended trainings by renown practitioners in Germany and USA to deepen his understanding in information field medicine and integrated them with his early learnings in energy healing into a protocol which he named Peace and Success Therapy (PSTherapy). He currently practices PSTherapy in his clinic, Practical Holistic Clinic (PHC), where he supports his clients with a range of advanced devices and his solid foundation in energy-based healing.

PStherapy utilises quantum devices and Life-Force Therapy to detect energy blockages and provide energetic interventions to rebalance the body. We work on various layers or facets of the body, including etheric body, emotional body, psychological body, physical body and consciousness. The entire process is non-invasive.

Pang Siew at Training by Dr Folker Meissner from Germany.
FSM Dr Carol and Pang Siew
Pang Siew at Training by Dr Carol McMakin from USA.

Life-Force Therapy

Our body has multiple chakras, which forms the energy field of a person. Different chakras correspond to various internal organs and energy channels in the body. Where there are energy blockages or deficiencies, the flow of Life-Force i.e. Prana may be disrupted, in turn manifesting in physical pain or distress in the physical and mental body. Life-Force Therapy involves the use of the GMCKS Pranic Healing System to reduce energy blockages and energise various chakras in the body. This increases the flow of Life-Force, resulting in rapid relief and recovery. The process does not involve touch or medicinal prescriptions as the therapist works on the energy field that exists around the client.


Information Field Medicine

Quantum scientists discovered that inside our DNA helix lies a biophoton - emitting a very weak light energy, with the sole purpose of communicating with other cells. We do not see it, but information exchange or communication happens in this quantum realm in what can be understood as the 'information field' of the person. Through the use of a quantum device that interfaces with this information field, diseases and pathologies can be detected quickly, allowing us to understand the condition of the human body. Similar devices are currently being used by over 2000 doctors and therapists worldwide to achieve breakthroughs in managing physical and psychological conditions as well as unconscious processes within the human body.


At PSTherapy, we train our therapists to use a range of quantum devices to analyse and optimise the information field of our clients. To enhance treatment goals, other devices such as may be recommended as well. Rebalancing and health can then be achieved in consultation with our therapists and careful use of these devices.

Ong Pang Siew

​Principle Therapist

​Pang Siew had been practising Pranic Healing for over 15 years. He organised numerous community healing sessions and taught in various communities in Singapore, China, Macau, and Korea. Since 2016, in order to improve therapeutic outcomes, he introduced the use of quantum devices such as Timewaver and Healy into his healing protocol. Today, Pang Siew practices Peace and Success Therapy (aka PSTherapy), which integrates his early learnings in energy healing and quantum science to support his clients through various psychological and physical conditions.

Darren Oh

Associate Therapist

Darren has more than 5 years of experience in using advanced Pranic healing techniques to help patients with chronic physical ailments and psychological conditions. He is patient and understanding and has a genuine interest in helping the patient to heal. 

Darren -edited 2.png
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