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"Highly accurate readings of mental, psychological, emotional, physical and karmic afflictions"

​Grace is a spiritual therapist who is practising in Australia. She has engaged Pang Siew on distant services since 2018. Here are some of her recent feedback.

​Year of feedback: 2021

Grace Yap.jpg

"She felt relief immediately... that was amazing work!"

​Client is an 89 year old lady who lives in the USA. She was experiencing irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Client's son engaged Pang Siew for distant healing using Life-Force Therapy. Feedback was obtained after the first healing session.

​Year of feedback: 2019

Feedback on WA_2 (hbp).jpg

Fixing a severe headache after surgery - "There was no doubt in my mind about what went wrong and whether Pang Siew fixed it"

​Client is an 60+ year old male who underwent a surgery but experienced splitting headache that could not be explained medically. He request for urgent distant healing from Pang Siew and had his headache fixed within the day. Here is his account. 

​Year of feedback: 2021

testimonial from jon.jpg

"I am feeling the affirmation, courage and self-love..."


​Client is a 41 year old lady who felt overwhelmed by her life's transitions. She explored PSTherapy to better manage her anxiety, stress, insomnia and low self-esteem. After 3 sessions of healing, she shared that beauticians who knew her for over a year commented that she looked radiant. She also felt confident to walk out of her fear, anxiety, as well as childhood trauma. Her negative thoughts reduced and she felt ready to take charge of life's challenges. Here are some of her feedback after her 2nd session.

​Year of feedback: 2021

After the first session, I felt grounded after receiving positive energy. 

Today's session was intriguing as I shared on my trauma when I was kidnapped at 10 years old in JB. Luckily, I was safe and sound. (During the healing today), I felt a mild burning sensation on my forehead and eyes. 

I am feeling affirmation, courage and more self-love for myself. 

Thank you Mr Ong for the healing.

Cheryl (Mar 2021)

"The healing works!"

​Client is a 40 year old property investor who experienced more than 10 years of chest tightness and stiff neck. She sought Pang Siew's help for Life-Force Therapy. Feedback was obtained after the first session of healing.

​Year of feedback: 2020

Feedback on WA_1 (anxiety).jpg

​Caregiver stress & hyperthyroiditis


​Client is an 50+ year old lady who experienced caregiver stress and health problems. Her stress and physical body greatly improved with regular healing. Here is her own account and word of thanks.

​Year of feedback: 2021

I have been undergoing treatment at PSTherapy since 2017 for both physical and emotional healing. I was under great stress as a caregiver for an elderly relative whilst grieving for the loss of a loved one. I was burnt out. Pang Siew helped me rebalance my chakras and calm me so that I could carry out my responsibilities as a caregiver till she passed away. 

​Recently, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Hyperthyroiditis. After regular treatment, my condition improved tremendously. I feel emotionally calmer and am able to deal with difficult situations which arise in my area of work. Thank you PS for the healing and wise counselling.

​G K See

Relief of chest tightness from 10 to 2

​Client is a male in his 30s, hoping to receive re-energization prior to starting a new job. He received a quantum scan to identify his energy blockages and received Life Force therapy for treatment. Feedback was obtained after the first healing session.

​Year of feedback: 2021

Mr Ong is a knowledgeable and patient healer. I did my quantum scan with him and he was able to pinpoint the root cause of my emotional and physical pain. He was able to give me advice on how to manage my mindset in order to have the right thoughts and higher emotions. 


As a follow up to the quantum scan, I did my first healing session with Mr Ong who assisted to cleanse my energy. My chest and head feels lighter after the session. Before the healing, the tightness around my left chest is 8 (out of 10), after the healing the tightness has reduced to 2 (out of 10).


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