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Below are some of our resources to support your personal practice. Use them at your own time. If you share them on public platforms, please credit us. Thanks and enjoy!

Meditation Music

Peace and IlluminationNarrated by Ong Pang Siew
00:00 / 20:26

Enjoy this meditation track with a guided segment to ease you into your practice, followed by Om chanting and vibrations to restore your body's peace and health. 

Though appearing in multiple religions, Om is known as a universal sound, with different parts of the word resonating with different parts of our bodies. 

Connect with your personal God or holy masters; we embrace all religions and believe in a higher, global consciousness.

Original text by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Music from Youtube: "Somewhere in Time" and "7 Mins of All Chakras Tuneup"

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